Too late!


It all started 21 years ago when Santa Peter was asked to play Santa for the Bronte Harbour Yacht Club children’s Christmas party. Once he retired he became a full time Santa, he worked in malls and made special visits for parties, schools and home visits. Mrs. Claus joined him 6 years ago making appearances in restaurants, parties, tree lighting ceremonies and television interviews.

Two years ago Santa Peter decided instead of giving his children Christmas presents he would give them a choice of a trip to one of the annual Santa Claus events that take place in Copenhagen and Norway, that’s all it took for his son to put on a red suit and follow in his fathers foot steps as Santa jr and his oldest daughter became the second Mrs. Claus. Santa Jr began doing community parties, home visits and filled in for his father when needed, Santa Jr brought a helper with him an Elf named Misty.

Each member of The Santa family brings there own special touch to the characters they portray, both Mrs Claus’s are loving Mothers and Grandmothers, Misty is also a Mom and has a background in Special Education. As a Family we have a lot of Christmas spirit to go around sharing the magic of the season with young and old alike.